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As our client you have acces to our intern ticketing system. You can enter your feature requests, questions or even problems you have encountered while using INSA.

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Version 2021.Q1.1

New in Insa

Performance Contribution/Performance Attribution - Full Performance Dashboard displayed after calculation, similar to Total Assets/Performance report, allowing for the identical functionalities, for example drill in and selection of reporting types for reports.

Remote support


How is remote support Working?

Remote Support Tool is an instant solution enabling Insa support team to see customer's desktop over the internet and gain secure remote control.

No installation, configuration or maintenance is required. Solution is secure since connection must be initiated from customer and unique eight digits number is generated for each session. Connections are encrypted with SSL using strong 128-bit encryption. When you click remote support link you will be asked to enter the session access code which will be given to you over the phone.

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